What to Do After Your Candidate Loses

Just because your candidate didn’t win doesn’t mean it’s over. What it means is you have to continue promoting peace, love, equality and fairness.

You can do that several ways.

  • Don’t withdraw; engage.
  • Put pressure on elected leaders. They want to get reelected and know they need your vote next time.
  • Work with moderates that may not fall in line with Trump’s ideas and be open to other ideas.
  • Have real conversations with people (rather than calling each other names).
  • Don’t sling mud. You cannot influence people and change their minds if you attack them.
  • Listen to your opponents and find out why they support what they support, it may not be why you think and there may be room for compromise;
  • Work with local officials and grassroots groups to keep issues important to you alive;
  • Find other political angles to make sure issues that are important to you are addressed (such as courts, referendums, coalitions, etc.);
  • And most importantly, treat people with respect, even those you disagree with, even if the other side is not, because hate is not effective and just creates more conflict. You can’t claim you are better than them by doing the same things they do.

Your voice matters, even between election cycles. It’s important. Listen. Speak. Stand up for what is right. And love one another.

To this end, we need a continued dialogue about what we want and why it is needed. Instead of shutting down, and defriending people, we need your positive voice and input more than ever.

Without your voice, people live in a bubble of their own beliefs. Your voice is what can get through to people. After all, that’s what an election is about. Convincing people. So after the election, continue using your voice to convince people about the issues that are important to you. Continue working to make our communities, states, country and world a better place.

There is hope, as long as we keep bringing the light and standing up for what is right.

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