Using the Tactics of Tyrants in the Name of Love

One thing that bothers me is when people use bullying, intimidation, name calling and other methods to silence their opponents in the name of a noble cause.
Either they don’t realize or don’t care that they are using the same tactics as tyrants and hate groups. They don’t see how hypocritical and counterproductive it is to claim they are for love and peace and justice, while they call their opponents evil or Hitler and use the same tactics that Hitler used in his rise to power. Threats, intimidation, insults, labeling people as undesirables, social control, propaganda, and sometimes even blatant lies spread on social media and mass media. Sound familiar?
Many times I actually believe in their cause and even actively promote it, but I object to using hate to promote love.
First of all, it simply doesn’t work. Fighting a fire with a flamethrower does not put out the fire, and fighting hate with hate does not create love, peace and prosperity. Secondly, you can’t claim the higher ground when you stoop to your opponent’s level. And thirdly, there are actually better, more effective ways to get results, such as actually convincing people your position is better and why it is better.
It’s not just what you claim to promote, but rather how you promote it. The Constitution of the USSR and the promise of Communism was really impressive and promised and envisioned a much better world. But what really happened? Why did it not happen in reality? In part, because their leaders and supporters used the tactics of tyrants to enforce their vision.
Using damaging tactics like the ones I mentioned in the name of trying to achieve a noble goal is the hallmark of every dictatorship and police state and oppressive society known to man. If you want a better world, don’t use the tactics of tyrants. Use love and reason and logic and compassion. That is what will actually change the world.

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