Tying Public Assistance with the Creation of Value by the Recipient

What if we tied certain forms of public assistance to creating value by the recipient? This value creation can be in many forms and be customized for each person. Possible options include learning new skills and volunteering or creating something society (or a certain part of society) values. Bettering themselves through wellness or education would be considered a form of providing value to society in this context, if they are unable to contribute in another way.

  • An unemployed person could learn new skills for a new job or skills to start his or her own business or start a non-profit (and get funding for it).
  • Someone who is home bound could learn to start a business on the internet, work remotely, or contribute in some other way online.
  • Disabled people who cannot work can choose some other way to contribute to society and to others that works for them. They could concentrate on their own wellness, and if they are able, in assisting or being an inspiration to other, or working on smaller tasks they are capable of. (Just because someone is disabled and unable to work a traditional full time job does not mean they have nothing to offer.)

Obviously there would need to be some exceptions for those mentally or physically unable to contribute, but for the most part, I think people who are struggling and who are needing assistance would benefit from learning new skills, and the self-esteem boost of providing some sort of value to others rather than just being a burden on people.

People on assistance get hope for the future, and improve themselves as a person through education or working on their wellness, and get the sense of worth that comes with providing something of value to others in their own way. Society benefits since more value is being created in society in return for the money provided, people learn new skills so they don’t need assistance as long, and new businesses and non-profits are spawned that are self-funding and creates jobs.

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