Trying to Steal the Election with Bad Faith Electoral College Votes is a Bad Idea

Some people are calling for the electors to ignore the popular vote in their state and elect Hillary. This is not only a bad idea, but a dangerous one. If you think the riots are bad now, watch what happens if Hillary manages to do this.

You have 1/4 of the population (59 million of them to be exact) that are fed up with the corruption of career politicians like Hillary who are willing to vote for Trump (of all people) just to overthrow the corruption of the corporate powered political machine.

Most Trump voters I talked to (and I didn’t vote Trump, by the way), didn’t like Trump or even agree with him 100%, but could not stand voting for a politician in bed with the banks and corporations who have been screwing them for years.

The Democrat Party’s biggest mistake was choosing Hillary over Bernie, in an election year where 70% of the population thinks that neither political party represents them. And yet they chose a status quo candidate that represents the very system that 70% of the people said they feel doesn’t support their interests.

If the Democrats wanted to win, they had a better chance with Bernie than with Hillary. Plus, the Republicans won both the House and the Senate, which means that Democrats have no mandate or credibility at all.

It’d be different if the Democrats won the House and Senate and they can claim that Trump winning was a fluke. But it wasn’t. Democrats lost across the board. That should say something.

If Hillary manages to swing the electoral vote by getting 20 defectors, who go against the popular vote in their state, I would hate to see what happens when the 59 million people who feel they don’t have a voice in government are denied their candidate through electors casting their votes in bad faith. Oh my God.

This is a horrible idea that will further divide this country and almost guarantee that corporate power will forever override the will of the people, at least until the people have enough of that. Trying to steal the election in this manner just makes liberals and Democrats look desperate and like they are part of the problem.

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