To Truly Change Society

To create a better society you must change how society itself thinks and change what it values.  Force and control may temporarily suppress a society's true nature, but that true nature always bubbles up as disregard for the law, a black market, lack of respect for those in power and sometimes outright defiance.  Writing a law or cracking down on some undesired behavior is not enough. The people have to want the change too.

— Scott M. Stolz

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  1. One good example of this is drugs, such as alcohol, marijuana and tobacco. We tried to prohibit alcohol and marijuana, and instead of eliminating its use, all it did was drive it into the black market, which caused additional societal problems such as crime and cartels and widespread disrespect for the law.

    Compare that with tobacco, where we educated the public that smoking was bad for you, and no longer cool. Tobacco use is down and, interestingly enough, marijuana use is up despite it being illegal.

    Giving people a reason to change is more effective than trying to force people to change when they don’t want to. As far as societal change is concerned, education trumps force.

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