The Process of Being Open Minded

To make sure you remain open-minded, it is useful to follow a certain process to make sure that you have the best possible understanding of a particular topic. This process is ongoing, and a truly open-minded person is continuously learning and adjusting based on new input.

  1. Research and observe.  Ask questions.
  2. Draw conclusions based on research and observations, with the knowledge that you may or may not have a complete understanding of the material and that your opinion may be biased.
  3. In relevant discussions, make statements based on your conclusions supported by facts.
  4. Listen to other people’s responses and learn.
  5. If your conclusions have been questioned, consider the new information provided.  If necessary, do additional research to either validate your claim, or validate their claim.  Research with the open-mindedness that they may have a valid point, and sometimes you both may be correct but looking at it from a different perspective.  It is also possible that you are both incorrect or both partially correct.
  6. Adjust your opinions and statements accordingly.  Share your new information where appropriate.
  7. Repeat.

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