The Missing Voices of Love & Reason

In the aftermath of this election, which I think was exhausting and draining on all of us, I’ve been doing some thinking. There are a ton of voices that divide us and promote their own interests and agendas above all others, but where are the voices promoting peace, love and respect?

We have a lot of people crying out in frustration, often blaming other social groups or other people for whatever their social ills are, but we don’t have anyone talking about solutions that are fair for everyone. Everyone seems to only talk about what they want, not seeming to care about how other people are affected.

Sure, we have a few glimpses at it, like when President Obama, President-Elect Trump and Secretary Hillary all told the country that we need to unite together to make this country whole again. And once in awhile we hear about specific people trying to make a difference. But even so, the messages of division seem to dominate our political and social landscape, whether from the media or social media.

Everyday, I see missed opportunities where different social groups or different people could come together to make things better for both of them, but they don’t because they are too caught up in their assumptions, preconceived notions, and hostility of the other social group.

And then there is the biased information out there that is clearly designed to spur hate and division among people. You see a headline or social media post that claims someone said one thing, and you do a little research and that wasn’t what they really said or what they meant. It was taken out of context and twisted to look bad, simply to attack the other side and make their side look good.

And even worse is the people who justify their hate because they claim others hate them, or wronged them in some way. And sometimes it is even true. But the problem is that hate does not end hate, it just creates more hate. The only way to combat hate is through love. It is the only way. Yet so many people become all self-righteous and actively hate their opponents, encouraging others to do so too.

They cannot seem to tell the difference between righting a wrong, and hating innocent people who weren’t even involved in committing the wrong that occurred. So instead of righting the wrong, they become just like the very people they supposedly oppose. Hateful and self-centered. Yet they don’t see those traits in themselves, they only see it in others. Then they spread this message of hate, thinking they are the good ones, the right ones.

And if anyone dares speak up and try to spread the message of love, peace, equality and fairness, they get shouted down by groups that seem to think only their group deserves that, because they have been wronged, and their opponents, whoever they are, are horrible people.

Where are our voices crying out for love, peace, and healing of wounds? Where are the voices that want fairness and respect for all people? And why do we let those voices be drowned out by hate, propaganda and self-interest?

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