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Multiple Forces of Destiny 0

Multiple Forces of Destiny

On one side we have our own personal power in the matter, and on the other side we have outside forces that act upon us.  And then there is the possibility of destiny or God's will or some other force that compels us in a certain direction. You have people who like to blame others for their…
Group Think 0

Group Think

Just like an individual's thoughts can determine whether he is successful or not, an entire group can be affected by "group think" which can affect the success of the entire group. Sometimes this group think empowers members of the group, and other times it pulls group members down. Individuals always have the power to chose to subscribe to the group's thinking or not, but the pressure to conform is real. Whether it be...sometimes not, but it's real.
From Nothing to Wealthy 0

From Nothing to Wealthy

I've seen people go from nothing to wealthy due to hard word, persistence and ingenuity. They didn't become evil and malicious when they became rich; instead they were generous and good to people, probably because...
Adopting a Mindset 0

Adopting a Mindset

No matter how big or small a challenge you face, no matter how insurmountable the odds, the first thing you must do is adopt a mindset that makes your outcome possible. If you do not...