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The Missing Voices of Love & Reason 0

The Missing Voices of Love & Reason

In the aftermath of this election, which I think was exhausting and draining on all of us, I've been doing some thinking. There are a ton of voices that divide us and promote their own interests and agendas above all others, but where are the voices promoting peace, love and respect? We have a lot…
The Point of Democracy 0

The Point of Democracy

The whole point of democracy is that people are allowed to have different opinions, preferences and points of view, and that is okay. And what makes democracy work is people respecting the fact that not everyone is going to agree with them or vote like them...
The Biggest Threat to Liberty 0

The Biggest Threat to Liberty

The biggest threat to liberty in a democracy is well intentioned people who like telling everyone else how to live, whether that be the majority dictating the rules, or minorities demonizing the majority or activist groups promoting their preferred lifestyle. The whole notion that people should dictate how others should live goes against the very concepts of…
Winning an Argument by Losing 0

Winning an Argument by Losing

I remember one time I won an argument by losing it. I was having a heated discussion with someone, and we were disagreeing about the facts. She kept insisting she was right, and I gave a compelling argument on why I was actually correct. I could see a certain point where she realized that she…
Equality Requires Respect 0

Equality Requires Respect

Equality and freedom shouldn't be about making everyone the same, but rather be about respecting one another's differences, treating each other fairly and helping your fellow man live a better life.