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Character is Better Than Rules or Law 0

Character is Better Than Rules or Law

These days we have gotten into the mindset that rules and laws will make the world a better place.  That is not the case.  Rules and laws are meant to be an agreed upon playing field for everyone in a society to operate on.  What will make the world a better place is people who…
From Nothing to Wealthy 0

From Nothing to Wealthy

I've seen people go from nothing to wealthy due to hard word, persistence and ingenuity. They didn't become evil and malicious when they became rich; instead they were generous and good to people, probably because...
Adopting a Mindset 0

Adopting a Mindset

No matter how big or small a challenge you face, no matter how insurmountable the odds, the first thing you must do is adopt a mindset that makes your outcome possible. If you do not...
Limiting Oneself 0

Limiting Oneself

It's interesting how a person who has a mindset that limits themselves will react violently to the idea that they might actually be limiting themselves. I know I am not immune to that and I see it in others. It's like we don't want to believe that we, ourselves, can be to blame.