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I Try 0

I Try

You know, I try hard to correct myself when I am wrong. I don't like being wrong. I don't like being called wrong. I want to be right, and am willing to change myself to be right. For example, I wrote this big long article yesterday morning, and this morning I realized that I was…
The Process of Being Open Minded 0

The Process of Being Open Minded

To make sure you remain open-minded, it is useful to follow a certain process to make sure that you have the best possible understanding of a particular topic. This process is ongoing, and a truly open-minded person is continuously learning and adjusting based on new input. Research and observe.  Ask questions. Draw conclusions based on research…
Assuming You Are Right 0

Assuming You Are Right

The challenge of knowing things (or thinking you know things) is that what you know is either based off of personal observation, or based on what you have learned from others. Your personal observations can be incomplete since you rarely see everything involved, and you assign meaning to what you see, and what you have learned…