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Michael Moore Explains Why Trump Won

While it is clear that Michael Moore is no fan of Donald Trump, and thinks he is bad for America, he gives some chilling and sobering insight into why Trump won the election, and why the pundits and media all got it wrong. He talks about how the former middle class is hurting economically, and how…

60 Minutes Interview: President-Elect Donald Trump

CBS's 60 Minutes interviewed President-Elect Donald Trump after his election, and asked some very direct questions on what Donald's Plans are now. His tone was completely different, and it makes one wonder what a Trump presidency will bring us. In his interview, he says he is saddened by the acts of hate happening after the…
Did America Just Suddenly Become More Racist and Hateful? 0

Did America Just Suddenly Become More Racist and Hateful?

In the aftermath of Trump's election to the office of President, we have seen a rise in the number of acts of hate, some racist, some discriminatory against the LGBT community or Muslims, others against supporters of various candidates. Suddenly it seems as if we have more racists and haters everywhere, or at least their sympathizers.…
What to Do After Your Candidate Loses 0

What to Do After Your Candidate Loses

Just because your candidate didn't win doesn't mean it's over. What it means is you have to continue promoting peace, love, equality and fairness. You can do that several ways. Don't withdraw; engage. Put pressure on elected leaders. They want to get reelected and know they need your vote next time. Work with moderates that may…
The Extent of the Dissent 0

The Extent of the Dissent

Listening to comments on social media, it's clear most of the vocal people didn't (and still don't) understand what really drove each candidate's voter base. In an election where both candidates were widely disliked, it never really was about voting for a candidate's character. After all, most people felt that their choices were either a…
What This Election is Really About 0

What This Election is Really About

This debate and election actually has little to do with actual policy and knowledge. It has to do with a large percentage of people wanting to end politics as usual in Washington. That is Trump's voter base. They don't want logic, they want to disrupt the system so the rich and powerful, like Hillary, don't always win.