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Learning from Other Viewpoints 0

Learning from Other Viewpoints

I enjoy talking to people with different viewpoints and opinions. Either I learn something new and see something from a new perspective, or they unintentionally provide me more evidence as to why I was correct in the first place...
I Try 0

I Try

You know, I try hard to correct myself when I am wrong. I don't like being wrong. I don't like being called wrong. I want to be right, and am willing to change myself to be right. For example, I wrote this big long article yesterday morning, and this morning I realized that I was…
Thoughts are a Fleeting Thing 0

Thoughts are a Fleeting Thing

Thoughts are a fleeting thing.  If you have a great idea or a profound thought, write it down or audio record it before you forget.  Because one moment it may be there, and the next, gone like it never existed.