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Blame vs. the Helping Hand 0

Blame vs. the Helping Hand

If a man knocks you down, and afterwards his friends or children see you and offer to help you back up, being mad at the people trying to help you does no good. You can not simultaneously blame others for putting you in a situation you feel you can't get out of, and be too…
Endless Cycles of Injustice & Blame 0

Endless Cycles of Injustice & Blame

People want and need justice. If injustices are not handled when they occur and the perpetrators are not brought to justice, people will start to blame entire groups and anyone that reminds them of the perpetrators. Innocent people then get blamed for crimes they did not commit or even approve of, and this in itself…
Multiple Forces of Destiny 0

Multiple Forces of Destiny

On one side we have our own personal power in the matter, and on the other side we have outside forces that act upon us.  And then there is the possibility of destiny or God's will or some other force that compels us in a certain direction. You have people who like to blame others for their…
Who is to Blame? 0

Who is to Blame?

Disgruntled groups often want to blame others for their situation. Others often point out that the group must blame themselves for their predicament. What if they...
Limiting Oneself 0

Limiting Oneself

It's interesting how a person who has a mindset that limits themselves will react violently to the idea that they might actually be limiting themselves. I know I am not immune to that and I see it in others. It's like we don't want to believe that we, ourselves, can be to blame.