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Eliminating Stereotypes 0

Eliminating Stereotypes

The ability humans have to group similar things together assists us in our learning process but that same process can also blind us from the true nature of things. The most annoying and potentially most dangerous manifestation of that is stereotypes and assumptions about a person based on various input (race, class, color, creed, gender,…
Assuming You Are Right 0

Assuming You Are Right

The challenge of knowing things (or thinking you know things) is that what you know is either based off of personal observation, or based on what you have learned from others. Your personal observations can be incomplete since you rarely see everything involved, and you assign meaning to what you see, and what you have learned…
Assumptions are Revealing 0

Assumptions are Revealing

The assumptions a person makes during a discussion can be very revealing. It can give you an idea of their past experiences, political affiliation, social status, level of wealth, special interests, loyalties, etc.
Not an Either/Or World 0

Not an Either/Or World

It's interesting how some people assume that if you believe idea A is true, that you must believe idea B to be false, when in reality idea A and idea B could both be true and be interconnected, along with perhaps idea C, which neither...