Fighting a Fire with Flamethrowers

You hear it again and again. “Because (this badly behaved person) did (this) therefore all people in (group) are (that).”
People get in an uproar when it’s said about certain protected groups, and rightly so, but using the same logic in the opposite direction is just as destructive, and certainly does not give them the moral high ground.
Claiming “my group is better than yours” because the other group is also saying “my group is better than yours” just makes both sides look silly.
Saying they want love and peace and tolerance and acceptance while shouting that the other side are horrible human beings is counterproductive at best, and goes against the very values they are supposedly fighting for.
It’s basically saying “I hate you because you don’t love me and I will continue to hate you until you stop hating me.” It’s saying that “I have a right to attack and insult you because you attacked and insulted me” and expecting that insulting them will somehow make them see the light and love you. It doesn’t work that way. It never has.
We should stand up for love and acceptance and respect, but if we don’t do it with love, acceptance and respect, then we are no better than they are and are actually perpetuating the problem. We have to be careful of becoming a mirror image of their hate.
Firefighters don’t show up to a house fire with flamethrowers. And people fighting hate and intolerance shouldn’t show up with insults and intolerance and judgement. Water is more effective at putting out fires, and love and acceptance and respect is better at eliminating hate and intolerance and discrimination.
If we want to create a better society, we have to be better ourselves, otherwise we will just perpetuate what we are supposedly against.

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