Eliminating Stereotypes

The ability humans have to group similar things together assists us in our learning process but that same process can also blind us from the true nature of things.

The most annoying and potentially most dangerous manifestation of that is stereotypes and assumptions about a person based on various input (race, class, color, creed, gender, attire, social group, physical size, etc.).

We must always be conscious of the assumptions and stereotypes that we first think of, and consciously realize that our assumptions may not necessarily be true for this particular person, subgroup or situation, especially when we don’t have all the facts.

In fact, we need to go farther than that. To defeat stereotypes, we must think, not part of the time and only about certain groups, but think all the time regarding our assumptions about every group. We can’t eliminate stereotypes from our thinking by being selective about who we stereotype and who we don’t.

We must be conscious about our thoughts and assumptions, otherwise we miss out on who people really are, and what is really going on.

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