Lack of Economic Freedom Leads to the Dark Side of Politics

The more a society takes away people’s economic freedom, the more they turn to extreme leaders and extreme political philosophies that promise them economic prosperity.

In a democracy, the revolution is by votes; in a dictatorship, by arms. Either way, people will rise up and demand economic opportunity, as history has shown us time and time again.

Unfortunately, extreme ideologies don’t deliver the expected results. Fascism and communism were two examples of this. They promised the common man everything, and wound up taking more than they gave. As the common man struggles more and more economically, we are starting to see more socialist and authoritarian themes from some of the politicians and candidates who challenge the rich and powerful.

Democracy works when all constituents are heard, both the rich and the poor and everyone in between. But when the rich and powerful corrupt it to their own ends, eventually the poor and struggling will take power back.

We are coming to a point in American society where we either figure out how to give economic power back to the people without resorting to extremes, or the people will continue to support and vote for more extreme candidates over and over again, until they elect extreme leaders who will promise prosperity, but in reality will destroy democracy and consolidate power for themselves.

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