Corruption and Greed are the Real Problem

What I have found is the capitalist system can easily be corrupted by greed, especially if you allow monopolies and cartels to form, and you do not provide reasonable government regulation of industries. I have also found that a socialist system with government run systems can become just as corrupt when they establish monopolies on power, despite the fact that people can vote. Neither system is perfect, and both are susceptible to greed and corruption.

When you have corrupt and greedy individuals running things in a society, it actually does not matter if things are run by the government or run by private enterprise, because these corrupt and greedy individuals will find ways into power and wealth using whatever system you have, and then use that system to their advantage.

The USSR is a perfect example of this. Corruption and greed did not magically disappear under Communism, government cronyism simply replaced capitalist cronyism, and industry acted like a monopoly with poor quality, poor working conditions, substandard health care, etc.

Some want us to ditch the private health care and go with a system that is either single payer or even replaced private health care with government run health care.

While it sounds great to some, unless you deal with the corruption and greed many of our “leaders” have, you basically just gave the corrupt and greedy a government run monopoly to control, and it won’t work as intended.

So instead of handing them a monopoly with single payer, perhaps we need to create a system the promotes competition, discourages corruption, and aligns the leaders’ interests with the masses.

We do need universal access to health care that is affordable and high quality. There actually are many ways to get there. But we must be careful not to create situations where we create monopolies for the greedy and corrupt to control.

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  1. My point is not pro-capitalist or pro-socialist, but rather pro-competition, and anti-corruption. If a government run option is set up, that is great. I just want it to compete with private options so that people have a choice and the competition forces both to up their game.

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