Competition is Key to Any Government Solution

When we seek to create any solution through government, we often forget a very important ingredient: competition.

What made communism so bad was there was no competition. Everything was run by the government so you just had to accept what was given. And over time, quality declined, working conditions declined, and the availability of alternatives declined. And you paid whatever the government said you had to pay.

Under capitalism, the elimination of competition through monopolies and cartels leads to abuse of workers, customers and the community and produces similar results as Communism: poor quality, bad working conditions, and lack of reasonable alternatives. And you have to pay whatever the corporations say you have to pay.

So whether you are liberal or conservative, socialist or capitalist, you have to remember, choice and competition is what puts pressure on companies and organizations to provide better quality products and services, better working conditions for workers, and gives people choices and more options.

And it does not matter whether you are talking burgers, cable TV, oil & gas, health care or even political parties. Monopolies, whether government run or privately owned, are bad for the economy and bad for the citizens.

Competition is key to democracy. Any solution that gives the government a monopoly, or gives a corporation a monopoly is not good. Any country that bans free speech and only allows one political party sets the country up for dictatorship.

So when someone offers you a “solution” to our nation’s ills, make sure competition is somehow baked in. If not, it’s probably not a good plan, no matter how good it looks on paper.

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