Character is Better Than Rules or Law

These days we have gotten into the mindset that rules and laws will make the world a better place.  That is not the case.  Rules and laws are meant to be an agreed upon playing field for everyone in a society to operate on.  What will make the world a better place is people who have good character.

A person with good character will attempt to do the right thing regardless of circumstances, whereas rules and laws can be manipulated by those with ill intent.

Laws and rules are important because they set guidelines for people to follow, and help make sure that everyone is treated fairly.  But laws and rules made by people serving their own self-interest at the expense of others are not just nor fair.

We must start with maintaining a society of people with good character and positive intent.  If we do that, our laws and rules will reflect that, and so will our implementation of the laws.

If we worship laws as being more important than someone’s character, then we get a system where bad people manipulate the law to allow them to do harm to others, and good people get punished for minor transgressions or for breaking laws that are unfair and unjust.

It is better to have a society of good people who make mistakes and learn from them, than to have a society of bad people who work the system to justify their actions as being legal.

Character is more important than law.  Focus on that, and we will have a better society with better laws and rules.

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