The Biggest Threat to Liberty

The biggest threat to liberty in a democracy is well intentioned people who like telling everyone else how to live, whether that be the majority dictating the rules, or minorities demonizing the majority or activist groups promoting their preferred lifestyle. The whole notion that people should dictate how others should live goes against the very concepts of liberty, freedom and acceptance.

It shouldn’t be about who is in control, and it shouldn’t be about forcing people to live a certain way. It should be about loving one another and accepting and respecting that not everyone wants the same life you do.

Freedom means everyone is free, not just you and not just whoever the most socially dominant group happens to be at the moment.

So instead of everyone being so focused on promoting their own agendas and personal interests, which may indeed be noble causes, maybe we also need to focus on bringing freedom, and acceptance and respect to all people, even those we may disagree with.

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