Multiple Forces of Destiny

On one side we have our own personal power in the matter, and on the other side we have outside forces that act upon us.  And then there is the possibility of destiny or God’s will or some other force that compels us in a certain direction.

  1. You have people who like to blame others for their situation, sometimes rightfully so, (i.e. outside forces)
  2. and you have people who claim everything is about your personal power, and you get to create your life, (i.e. personal power & free will)
  3. and you have people who claim God is in charge or that the universe has some destiny for you, and you must give into your destiny, (i.e. destiny)
  4. and you have people who simply feel they have a calling in life, and although they may or may not know why, they feel compelled to follow that calling (i.e. calling).

What if it’s all of those?

Maybe the world we live in is a struggle between those forces, and all are working for or against us in everything we do.

Perhaps we can only reach “our calling in life” if we navigate the power within ourselves & allies and the power of those who oppose us, who are also exercising their personal power and free will.

Maybe we all have a calling we can embrace, if we choose, but we also have to deal with the forces of free will that work towards and against that calling.

It’s like gravity vs. momentum vs. an inanimate object.  If you let go of a ball, it will fall to the ground.  If you throw a ball, it will remain in the air for awhile before it hits the ground.  If you shoot the ball as such a high speed that it breaks free of Earth’s gravity, it keeps going into space until it reacts with another force.  If you throw the ball and it hits an object, it reacts to hitting that object.

Perhaps our own personal trajectory in life is similar to that, subject to our own power and force, and the forces around us.  Sometimes our personal power is more powerful than the forces around us, and sometimes outside forces limit or even dictate what we can do.  And sometimes we need outside forces, such as other people, to assist us in being all we can be.  And sometimes we need faith that we can do what we need and want to do.

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