Being Mean Can Be a Form of Censorship

People saying mean things and public shaming can be a form of censorship and a tool to enforce group conformity. The person being mean usually doesn’t think of it that way, but their intent is often to quiet the opposing viewpoint, and preserve whatever they think is the correct way of doing things or way of thinking. And when used in that manner, that makes saying mean things a crude form of censorship and control.  

It’s a tool frequently used by people who have weak arguments and immature minds to suppress those who disagree with them, since they are unable to use logic and reason to counter whatever argument opposes or threatens their point of view.  It is also sometimes used by smart but devious people who know they can manipulate and quiet some opponents simply by being mean to them, especially publicly via the press or social media.

Being mean and public shaming is not an honorable thing to do.  It is simply another form of manipulation.

This does not mean that we should limit people’s free speech, but rather that we should be aware that some people will use such manipulation to stifle it.  So don’t let mean comment suppress you, otherwise they win.

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